Speeches and Press

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Press Releases By The Integrity Commission
INTEGRITY MATTERS - Debates Competition Press Ad
Chairman's Address UK Crime Plan 22-01-2015Se
2014 Do Right Champions in the Integrated Arts to be launched at Queen's Hall-Se

2014 Do Right Champions in Integrated Arts General Information- September 2014

Integrity Commission investigation leads to improved governance at the Ministry of the Environment-September 2014
Justice Ventour launches LEADtt at the Hyatt Regency-April 2014
PSA objects to Public Service Announcements-April 2014
EXTENSION-2013 Do Right Champions' Deadline- November 2013
Do Right Champions' Caravan San Fernando-November 2013
Do Right Champions' Caravan Port of Spain- November 2013
Do Right Champions' Caravan Caroni and Couva- November 2013
Do Right Champions' Advertisement-September- November 2013
Statement by the Integrity Commission-Addressing statements by Senator the Honourable Anand Ramlogan, Attorney General November 18, 2013
Amendments to the Integrity in Public Life Act (IPLA) October 02, 2013
Integrity Commission begins investigation into alleged electronic mails August 30, 2013
Integrity Commission concludes investigation made by the Congress of the People August 29, 2013
Statement by Mr Kenneth Gordon, Chairman of the Integrity Commission June 21, 2013
Aide Memoire re Meeting with Dr Keith Rowley May 15, 2013
Sharpening focus to prevent corruption March 21,2013
Statement by the Integrity Commission-PMs comment reported in the newspapers January 21,2013
Fr Henry Charles 1944-2013
Chairman's News Release January 07,2013
News Release- RESULTS 2012 Do Right Champions January 2013
Statement by the Integrity Commission-Mr. Brian Manning December 05,2012
Divali Celebrations at Integrity Commission-November 19,2012
Statement by the Integrity Commission-Tobago House of Assembly October 31,2012
Tender Notice Consultancy Contract October 2012
Short Story and Drawing Competition shines spotlight on Integrity October 2012
Consultations have begun Ad- October 2012
A request for review of the Role of the Integrity Commission September 2012
Do Right Champions Ad 2012
Integrity Commission-NOTICE to publish names September 2012
Integrity Commission- Blind Trust and the acquisition of property September 2012
Integrity Commission OPEN DAY Advertisement May 2012
Integrity Commission OPEN DAY April 30, 2012
Notice to Persons in Public Life April 2012
Statement by Chairman at News Conference March 16 2012
Integrity Commission engages in Strategic Planning Process March 12, 2012
Integrity Commission provides Consultative Seminars for Declarants March 8, 2012
Awards Ceremony for The Do Right Champions January 22, 2012
Integrity Commission refers matter to the Police December 20, 2011
Fact Sheet - Integrity Commission of Trinidad and Tobago
International Anti- Corruption Day 9th December, 2011
Tobago Schools on board The Do Right Champions Competition October 13, 2011
Integrity Commission to meet with Mayors, Chairmen, Councillors, Aldermen, CEOs September 12, 2011
Integrity Commission launches School Competition 11th August, 2011
Notice to all Persons in Public Life 2011 4th April, 2011
Integrity Commission sets May deadline 13th March, 2011
22nd October 2004
7th Janaury 1988
Contributions in Parliament Re: the Integrity Commission
President's Message To The Nation - 24th September, 1976
Debates Of The Senate 18th March, 1987
Parliamentary Debate 6th July, 1999
Parliamentary Debate 13th July, 1999
Parliamentary Debate 3rd October, 1999
Parliamentary Debate 9th November, 1999
Contribution In Parliament By The Attorney General 7th July, 2003
Question In Parliament 4th August, 2006
Question In Parliament 9th January, 2007
Statement in Parliament by the Attorney General, January 7, 2008


Publications By The Integrity Commission
Review of the Integrity in Public Life Act (IPLA) October 07, 2012
Leading the way to a corruption free Trinidad and Tobago September 2012
Integrity Commission's inaugural Quarterly Magazine- INTEGRITY IN ACTION July 2012
Integrity Symposium 1993
Principles Of Integrity For Persons In Public Life And Those Exercising Public Functions 2003
Guide To The Completion Of Declaration Form (Power Point File)


Speeches By The Integrity Commission
Address To The Corporate Governance Seminar 4th April 2002
Address To The Port Of Spain Central Lions Club 3rd September 2002
Address To The Members Of Board Of Directors Of Statutory Authorities 21st March 2003
Address To The Trinidad And Tobago Transparency Institute 4th February 2004
Ethics And Corporate Governance: Challenges Facing Trinidad And Tobago 27th April 2004
Address by Mr. Gordon Deane Chairman, Integrity Commission 13th July 2007
Address by Mr. John Martin Deputy Chairman 19th January 2005
Address by Madam Justice Monica Barnes 22nd February 2005
Address by Mr. John Martin, Chairman Integrity Commission, to the TTMA, 13th August 2008
Address by Mr. John Martin, Chairman Integrity Commission, at the Integrity Seminar, 17 September 2008
Address by Mr John Martin, Chairman Integrity Commission, to the Electrical Inspectorate, 28 January, 2009
Chairman's Address - Schools Competition Launch 27, September, 2011
Remarks By Justice Gladys Gafoor at ISACA 25th Anniversary Awards 24, November, 2011
Address by Kenneth Gordon, Chairman Integrity Commission, at the Public Consultation at Hyatt 21 September,2012
Chairman's Speech-25th Anniversary Celebration December 13, 2012
Address by Chairman-Examination Arima Borough Corporation January 16, 2013
Address by Chairman Kenneth Gordon at the launch of the 2013 Do Right Champions Chairman
Address by Chairman Kenneth Gordon at the Integrity Commission's Christmas Dinner and Dance at the Hyatt Regency Trinidad on December 16, 2013
Address by Chairman Kenneth Gordon at the State Boards Seminar on Corporate Governance hosted by the Ministry of Finance and Economy on April 14, 2014
Address by Deputy Chairman Justice Sebastian Ventour at the launch of LEADtt on April 17, 2014
Address by Chairman Kenneth Gordon at the launch of the 2014 Do Right Champions-September 25, 2014
Address by Commissioner Dr.Shelly-Anne Lalchan at the launch of the 2014 Do Right Champions on September 25, 2014


Speeches By Other Parties
Striving To Be An Example To The World 6th May 2002
Address by The Prime Minister (Minister Of Finance) 18th June 2002
Remarks by Albert Alkins 4th June, 2007
The Hon. Tim Gopeesingh, Minister of Education- Schools Competition Launch 27, September 2011
Roodal Moonilal's speech for Anti-corruption Agencies Conference Hilton 1, November 2011
Address by His Excellency President George Maxwell Richards at The Do Right Champions Award Ceremony 30 January, 2012
Address by His Excellency President G Maxwell Richards 25th Anniversary Celebration December 13,2012
Address by Mr. John Roopchan, Director of Curriculum Development at the launch of the 2014 Do Right Champions September 25, 2014