Happy Divali from the Integrity Commission of Trinidad and Tobago!

Many stories surround the origins of Divali. Among them are the return of Lord Rama to Ayodhya after the defeat of Ravana; the defeat of Narakaasura by Lord Krishna; and the veneration of Mother Lakshmi, who embodies grace and prosperity. Through these stories, we find unity in the basic idea that good will triumph over evil, and knowledge will prevail over ignorance. Lighting deyas symbolizes the choice that one makes to advance knowledge in the quest for spiritual and self-enlightenment.

This idea marks the high standards that any society or nation must have. The fact that we celebrate Divali as a national holiday speaks to the pluralism and vibrancy of our society. Divali is an opportunity for the people of Trinidad and Tobago to recognize our diversity, but also an opportunity to remind ourselves that we have the power to choose good over evil.

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