Happy New Year from the Integrity Commission!

It’s a tradition, at the beginning of the year, half-forgotten by March, and dismissed by July, to promise ourselves to carry something out – to signal some sort of change in character or behaviour between this year and the next. What are the promises we make to ourselves, and to others? How can we keep them?

The Integrity Commission, for its part, strives to keep its promises to the country’s citizens – to not only preserve integrity, but to stamp out corruption. It’s an ongoing battle that sometimes, but not always, churns out victories. These promises are enshrined in our core values: Confidentiality, Integrity, Professionalism, Teamwork. It cannot be forgotten because it is part of the very fabric of the Commission. The Commission therefore encourages the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago to let these values become part of the fabric of the country; to keep the promises of virtue.

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