What We Do

The Compliance and Review Unit oversees and reviews compliance by persons in public life with the relevant provisions of the Act.

 The Unit is responsible for:

  • receiving, examining and retaining all declarations filed with the Commission under the Act;
  • making enquiries when necessary, in order to verify the accuracy of the declarations filed under the Act;
  • recommending for publication the names of persons in public life who have failed to file their declarations;
  • examining the practices and procedures of public bodies, in order to facilitate the discovery of corrupt practices; and
  • instructing and advising the heads of public bodies of changes in practices and procedures of public bodies with the aim of eliminating corruption. In this regard, the Commission is always ready to assist the heads of public bodies.

    Forms for persons in public life as well as instructions for filling out the forms are available on our Resources page HERE.

    Requirement to Comply

    Section 13 (1) of the Act gives the Commission the authority to examine declarations and to request any further particulars or explanation relevant.

    Certificate of Compliance

    Section 13 (3) of the Act provides that once the Commission is satisfied that a declaration has been fully made it shall forward to the declarant, a certificate of compliance.

    Enforcing the Provisions of the Act

    The Act has provided the Commission with some tools to enable it to address non-compliance on the part of persons in public life in the filing of their declarations and also in the furnishing of particulars at the request of the Commission:

    • publication of the names of persons who failed to file their declarations of income, assets and liabilities and statements of registrable interests under section 11(6) of the Act;
    • ex parte applications to the High Court under section 11 (7) of the Act;
    • criminal prosecution under section 21 (1) (a) of the Act.
      Register of Interests

      The Commission, in accordance with Section 14 of the Act, compiles and maintains a Register of Interests which provides information to the public of the personal and business interests of persons in public life.

      Contact Information

      Click HERE to send an email to compliance@integritycommission.org.tt, or you may contact the Unit via telephone at 623-8305 | 624-4736 | 625-2393 | 625-9627 | 625-2392 to schedule an appointment for assistance to complete your declaration forms or for more information.