The Public Education and Communications Unit (the Unit), according to section 5 (1) (i) of the Integrity in Public Life Act (IPLA), Chapter 22:01, is charged with the responsibility to, “carry out programmes of public education intended to foster an understanding of standard and integrity”.

The Unit is mandated to manage and review the communication strategy of the Commission. This it achieves by developing and implementing stakeholder engagement management plans. The Commission is hopeful that these stakeholder engagements management plans would go on to contribute to the overall enhancement of the Commission, state anti-corruption agencies and external agencies. It is also the responsibility of the Unit to manage and improve the relationship between the Commission and its internal and external stakeholders through its Internal Relations Programme.


Strategic Communication Planning

The Unit implements initiatives which align communication functions to the mandate of the Department. Some of the initiatives are as follows-

  • Managing the Social Media Platforms
  • Developing Newsletters
  • Issuing Media Releases
  • Website content management

Stakeholder Relationship Management

The Unit engages its stakeholders to ensure the command and understanding of, not only the virtue of integrity, but also the evil of corruption.  Some of the engagement strategies are as follows-

    • Poster Design Competitions
    • Schools Outreach Programmes
    • Speech Band Championships
    • Briefing Session Support

    Internal Relations

    The Unit is responsible for disseminating accurate and relevant information to internal and external stakeholders in a timely manner as well provide high quality, customer focused, event planning and co-ordination services to our internal stakeholders. Some of the Internal Relations initiatives are as follow-

      • Employee Health and Wellness
      • Birthday Club
      • Cultural and Religious observances

      Click to send an email to communications@integritycommission.org.tt or you may contact the Unit via telephone at 623-8305.

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