The Integrity Commission was established under the Integrity in Public Life Act Chapter 22:01, and has an oversight role for the prevention of corruption, promoting the integrity of persons in public life and persons exercising public functions, and sets guidelines for the conduct of these persons who are defined in the Act as:

Persons exercising Public Functions

•    All persons holding office under the four (4) Service Commissions: Public Service, Judicial and Legal Service, Police Service and Teaching Service.  
•    Statutory Authorities Service Commission
•    Members of the Diplomatic Service
•    Advisers to the Government

Persons in Public Life

•    Members of the House of Representatives
•    Ministers of Government
•    Parliamentary Secretaries
•    Members of the Tobago House of Assembly
•    Members of Municipalities
•    Members of Local Government Authorities
•    Senators
•  Members of the Boards of all Statutory Bodies and State Enterprises including those bodies in which the State has a controlling interest
•    Permanent Secretaries and Chief Technical Officers

Statutory Authorities

The Commission has jurisdiction over persons holding office under the Statutory Authorities as established by an Act of Parliament and as declared as such by the President. These entities include:

The National Housing Authority

The Sugar Industry Labour Welfare Fund Committee

The Cocoa and Coffee Industry Board

The Sugar Industry Control Board

The Agricultural Society of Trinidad and Tobago

The Zoological Society of Trinidad and Tobago

The Management Development Centre

The National Lotteries Control Board

The Public Library of Trinidad

The San Fernando Carnegie Free Library

St. Michael’s School for Boys

St. Dominic’s Children’s Home

St. Mary’s Children’s Home

St. Jude’s School for Girls

Point Fortin Corporation