The Integrity Commission accepts information transmitted electronically in accordance with Part VII of the Electronic Transactions Act 2011.

This Act gives legal effect to all electronic documents, electronic records, electronic signatures and electronic transactions.

Please note, the Commission will accept the electronic filing of the Declaration of Income, Assets and Liabilities (Form A) and the Statement of Registrable Interests (Form B).

    Instructions to file Declarations Digitally / Electronically:

    1. Declarant contacts the Registrar or the Compliance Unit to notify the Commission of their desire to file their Declaration Digitally / Electronically.
    2. The Declarant will download a Digital Authorization Form here (or see below).
    3. The Declarant will print, fill out, sign, scan and email the completed Digital Authorization Form back to the Commission.
    4. The Commission will acknowledge receipt of the Digital Authorization Form form, thus approving the Declarants’ desire to file digitally / electronically.
    5. The Commission will communicate with the Declarant (by email) and schedule a meeting date and time, then send an appropriate Virtual Meeting Link (e.g. Zoom, MS Teams, etc.) to the Declarant’s email address.
    6. The Declarant will download the normal Declaration Forms from the Commission’s website (Form A and Form B).
    7. The Declarant will complete (fill out), print, sign and scan the Declaration Forms (A & B), as per the instructions here.
      (The Declarant will also scan / digitize all of their attached / supporting documents to go along with their intended Declaration submission).
    8. During the subsequent Virtual Meeting between the Declarant and the/an Officer of the Integrity Commission and within the Virtual Meeting Itself, the Declarant will upload / digitally / electronically send to the Commission their intended Declaration documents (Form A, Form B and attachments / supporting documents).

    The Commission will acknowledge receipt of the Declaration to the Declarant during the same Virtual Meeting.

      Digital Authorization Form

      Download PDF

      Instructions for completing declaration forms

      Download PDF

      Income, Assets and Liabilities

      (Form A)

      Download PDF

      Statement of Registrable Interests

      (Form B)

      Download PDF