Filing Notice 2021 (May)To all persons in Public Life as defined by The Integrity in Public Life Act, …2021/05/06Filing Notice2021-05-06 08:00:00
Filing Notice 2019 (September)The Commission wishes to remind those persons in public life who have not yet complied …2019/09/13Filing Notice2019-09-13 18:41:00
Filing Notice 2012 (April)Notice to Persons in Public Life of their Requirements to file Declarations of Income, Assets …2012/04/30Filing Notice2012-04-30 20:37:00
Filing Notice 2011 (April)TO ALL PERSONS IN PUBLIC LIFE AS DEFINED BY THE INTEGRITY IN PUBLIC LIFE ACT, …2011/04/04Filing Notice2011-04-04 20:04:00
Filing Notice 2011 (March)INTEGRITY COMMISSION SETS MAY DEADLINE The Integrity Commission of Trinidad and Tobago wishes to remind …2011/03/13Filing Notice, Press Release2011-03-13 20:28:00